Ciel & Terre’s Technology Opens the Doors to ‘The Boot’ Country…

The reservoir of Sant’Ermete in the town of Pontecorvo, located in the region of Lazio, Italy is now equipped by a floating solar panel array to supply the pumps of a water tower.

©Ciel & Terre International – Hydrelio® floating PV system

This is the first project in Italy for Ciel & Terre International, a French company pioneer in floating solar panel solutions with its Hydrelio® technology. The company, supplying all the floating plant, was responsible of the design and the anchorage. Following a public tender, it’s the Italian company Enpower SRL, an operator in the energy systems, who supervised the project, overseeing construction and material.

Initiated in December 2015, the project was finally concluded in February 2016. It took Enpower 2 months to install all the floating structure, which represents 30% of the total pond area with over 1,300 solar photovoltaic panels. To be more specific: the array has a total installed peak capacity of 343.2 kilowatts and is expected to generate 4.43 megawatt hours in its first year – equivalent to the annual consumption of around 200 homes.

Ciel & Terre may be proud to have implanted its Hydrelio® solution in the Italian market. Indeed, Italy is one of the leader countries who installed the first floating solar panel arrays. Also, it’s a really interesting candidate for the solar energy, due to its sunshine duration (of the order of 2,400 and 3,000 hours per year).

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