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[C&T PEOPLE] Former interns’ words

Jean – R&D Engineer

I’ve been an intern for 6 months in early 2021. At the time student in an engineering school, I was looking for an end of cursus internship when I found out about CTI, a small company, but a big player in a field then unknown for me: floating solar. A new adventure began for me as I applied for a product engineer intern position.

For six month I applied and improved my skills at creating and optimizing the Hydrelio® products. The diversity of my tasks, the confidence of my management and the support of my colleagues allowed me to successfully validate my internship and made an operational engineer out of me. What I would recall the most of my experience as an intern in CTI is the thrilling work environment I had and all the good times I spent with my colleagues. I wish to enjoy this situation for a long time now that I am officially a R&D product engineer in the company!

Laura – Marketing & communication

I arrived at Ciel & Terre almost 3 years ago now. At that time I was an intern and discovered the floating solar concept. I appreciated much working in RE, innovation being a strong plus. I then did an apprenticeship within Ciel & Terre and got missions with more responsibilities. And here I am as a teammate carrying out diverse interdisciplinary missions, with the opportunity to be proactive.

I feel grateful for developing my experience in such a thriving place: Ciel & Terre is an innovative, fast-moving and family-like company at an international scale. It’s fulfilling to work with committed people with shared values and working hand in hand in the same direction: further developping technological and project opportunities for making renewable energy accessible at a wider extent.

Alina – Sales officer

As an innovative company contributing to green electricity production, Ciel & Terre has strong human values. Each employee is valorised, and everyone’s career growth is considered important as well as personal fulfilment.

People believe in the importance of their mission and have strong convictions and human qualities. This environment inspires, motivates and improves the sector thanks to its dynamism and flexibility and the R&D has a big place in the company. This kind of attitude is very empowering and makes employees feel comfortable and happy at work. It personally fulfilled me and I am also very proud my internship led to a professional opportunity.


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