27 May 2021 | Our people

[C&T PEOPLE] Managing director at C&T India | Deepak Ushadevi

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What does Ciel & Terre represent to you? 

To me, Ciel & Terre represents real opportunities and new frontline possibilities to create renewable energy and provide an enriched contribution to the environment. With our expertise and experience over the past years, I believe we helped reducing the global carbon footprint.


According to you, what are C&T’s spirit and most important values? 

Our supremacy over the technology, our innovative learnings, our constant improvement, never die attitude, solid customer support are all part of our acumen spirit embedded inside each of us in Ciel & Terre family.

Ciel & Terre as an organization values the human emotions, respects the cultural diversity, and provide a splendid support system. In the organization everyone is caring about each other, for professional as well as for personal matters, and we are all grateful of such handling acts. These are some of the core values that I’ve experienced here personally.


What qualities do you think C&T people have? 

I am grateful that my team is multi-talented, young, and composed of vibrant smart individuals whose countless contributions accelerated our immediate success story in India. My team members are the combination of talent, positive attitude, ability to work in a team and dynamic behavior, which I summarize as righteous talent, irrespective of qualification or rank.



So far, what has been the most memorable moment for you and for your team/for the office?  

I captured many memorable moments in this journey, the first float we produced in our contract manufacturer, the first float produced in our own factory, the contract PO signings of all 4 projects, the French Ambassador to India, Immanuel Lenain’s visit to CIAL plant in December 2020 and countless enchanted favourite moments associated with Ciel & Terre.

Added to that, at Ciel & Terre, we are developing the floating solar market and interacting with major nodal agencies, PSU, top EPC & developers to provide floating solar guidelines, knowledge transfer as well as know-hows to ensure quality and bankable floating projects in India. So far, a portfolio worth 21 MW floating solar has been developed in India (as of December 2020) with 3 projects commissioned and another 75MWp project currently undergoing in Kerala. This global experience is truly enhancing to the fact that industry is listening to our technical suggestions, proposals, recommendations, and this recognition gives me an immense satisfaction.


What is the most important thing you’ve learned from your experience in C&T? 

Accepting different ideas and giving a free hand to our collaborators characterise our growth. I learnt that empowering employees, providing responsibilities & giving space for your colleagues will enhance the work productivity. If you envisage your technical expertise and domain experience, use that as a tool to solve all issues both internal as well as external.


 What is your favorite mantra? 


What animates you in your managing director job?

I have many serious topics to deal with. Decision-making situations are part of my job requirements and it boosts me in my daily activities.


What kind of opportunities do you foresee for Ciel & Terre in the upcoming years? 

We believe floating solutions will be one of the main enablers for the PV sector and we target 1GW Hydrelio® solutions to be installed in the upcoming next 2-3 years in India. We invest in quality machines to deliver quality project.

We constantly strive to improve our technical knowledge, implementing innovative product development programs, looking to accelerate engineering programs for compatible solutions, endeavouring sustainable quality deliverables.

We want to keep on offering high quality projects for we aim to provide bankable solutions.


What do you think the future will be like in 10 years? 

India has a huge untapped potential for floating solar, and this can be effectively envisaged with proper planning and right vision. I wish to see more renewable projects realized with more and more Hydrelio® solutions across the globe as well.

Floating solar has become a realistic market now. We are positive and optimistic, floating solar is in high demand here considering water scarcity, land issues, and plenty of water bodies with power infrastructure already available.

Human activity is already overloaded with CO2 and other global warming emissions, and this is a global issue. Increasing renewable energy thanks to floating solar would allow us to replace carbon intensive energy resources and silently contribute to the reliability and resilience for clean, green energy revolution.

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