11 Aug 2021 | Our people


What made you want to join Ciel & Terre?

There are many reasons. It is a very rewarding job, particularly as more people are becoming aware of the effects of climate change and are keen to support sustainable approaches to energy consumption. Globally, the attitude towards the energy sector is changing, and renewables are leading the way.

What is your role within Ciel & Terre?

The main mission is to reduce DC Cabling and power losses of the floating solar plants. We are developing a solution for it and very soon we will launch in the market.

Can you describe your typical day?

A typical workday for me starts with the reviewing of the new emails & scheduled meetings. Accordingly, I plan my day and make sure that the most urgent work gets done first. My primary responsibilities on a daily basis include design reviews, design approvals, model checking, presentations, updating project planning schedule & working closely with the suppliers and internal team.

What drives you at work? What do you particularly appreciate in your job?

The major driving factor for me at work is the creative and innovative environment within the R&D team. Every day there will be new challenges, opportunities to learn something new, a creative environment to come up with any ideas and freedom to work on such innovative and challenging topics. I believe that this environment, culture, and freedom will bring the best out of me and that motivates and drives me at C&T.

What do you consider your biggest achievement since you joined the company?

We started designing a project which creates a niche portfolio to C&T along with a distinctive edge in floating solar. We will complete the design very soon and successfully launch the project globally.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned from your experience in C&T?

In C&T I learn to deal with multiple people, suppliers, vendors and negotiate with them and the most important thing is to always keep a contingency plan  ready in the background.

According to you, what are C&T’s spirit and most important values?

I think C&T has many core values like a Can-do attitude, Global mindset, Innovation, hands-on exposure, Customer focus, people & teamwork. The company’s culture is well aligned with its core values.

What do you think the future will be like in 10 years?

Well, I am quite sure that the future will be brighter with renewable energy. Floating solar will play a major role in this sector. The government is endorsing floating solar as a better alternative to the traditional sources of energy generation. Floating solar is a reliable, sustainable, economical source of energy generation and it doesn’t harm the environment.

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