Floating Mega PV Power Plants in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

Kyocera TCL Solar has developed a MW-scale floating solar power plants on an irrigation site, composed of two ponds and two floating platform for a total capacity of 2.8 MWp.
It is the fifth installation of this kind in the country, which is forerunner in ‘floating solar’, a niche and innovative market with a promising future.

The floating system, Hydrelio®, is manufactured in France by Ciel & Terre® who launched the very first system four years ago as an alternative to traditional PV. The plants count over 11,000 PV modules and was connected to the grid last month (March 2015). Furthermore, it is estimated that a such installation saved around 7,800 tons of CO2 emissions and generates an amount of electricity equivalent to the consumption of 4,700 homes.

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