a global &
local floating
solar system

Local manufacturing of our floating solar for
reliability & responsiveness

With localized manufacturing lines, we provide proximity and quality control throughout the development of your floating solar PV. From manufacturing to commissioning, we are present at each step and can accompany our clients all along the project development process. Available worldwide, our Hydrelio® system can be delivered anywhere across the globe.

At Ciel & Terre, we want our floating solar projects to be as economically, environmentally and socially sustainable as possible. Producing in the countries where our projects exist simplifies the development process and enables the assurance of reliability we are looking for. The purpose is also to contribute to local employment and reduce our carbon footprint by avoiding additional charges with transport.

With 12 offices and more than 40 production lines on 4 continents that allow us to develop commercial agreements locally, we guarantee the distribution and installation of Hydrelio® with minimum costs and maximum speed, while providing high quality and safe solutions.

C&T local presence

Manufacturing sites


Our Hydrelio® floating solar technology is produced through a blow-molding process. We guarantee entire traceability, ensure stock management and quality assessments prior to delivery and installation.

Our Hydrelio® technology is qualified through technical tests, which positions it as a safe and long-lasting solution. Designed to ensure good resistance, UV protection and water quality compliance, our floating solar systems are robust and identical in each country to last at least 20 years even in harsh weather conditions.

One of our priorities is quality: we commit to a reliable, flexible and flawless supply. That is why, we constantly innovate in Research & Development to further optimize our solution’s shipping volumes and facilitate transport, while providing adapted and reliable solutions.



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