18 Oct 2021 | Floating solar, Our people

Key notes on floating solar in India from Deepak Ushadevi, Managing Director (Part 2/2)

Share your insights about India’s sustainability activity and the scopes to be explored.

Both the government and the public are growing more aware of the topic ‘sustainability’. Yet we need to strictly adhere to activities that are sustainable. The government is doing its decent part in promoting sustainable living, but with our population, more emphasis and awareness will be helpful. Industries can also opt for green energy and contribute to reducing their carbon footprint. For eg., Cochin International Airport is now fully solarpowered. It has set an example that solar energy is possible even for high consumers like airports. Hence every industry can do its part by switching to renewable energy.

Ciel & Terre recently crossed the 500 MW mark globally on installs. How has that journey been?

Ciel & Terre® has been distributing its technology and solution and has been developing floating PV plants for commercial, industrial, and local government institutions since 2011. As the floating solar pioneer and expert, we provide our solutions throughout the world through strategic partnerships.

Today, we indulged in 290+ floating PV projects in 30 countries, equivalent to 1.2 GW floating capacity using Hydrelio® technology in the pipeline.

Over the years, Ciel & Terre® has gained recognized expertise and strong experience in the installation of large-scale floating PV plants on artificial and freshwater reservoirs. Our team has a thorough understanding of floating PV’s challenges and can assist the client all along the project development process.

Our expertise encompasses feasibility study, engineering design (Hydrelio® and anchoring), supply of anchoring systems, installation, training, and supervision, and many more.


What are the key changes the industry, and technology have witnessed since the firm started?


The Hydrelio® product line progressed with different products and was designed following regions’ and markets’ specificities. Our first design was Classic Hydrelio design, and later, Equatorial design and Air design.

  • Classic Hydrelio design with a Standard tilt of 12°, and easy operations and maintenance is its major feature.
  • Air Hydrelio aiR design with 11° float with a racking system, extra ventilation, cost-effective transport solution as well.


All these products were tested to extreme Wind at ONERA French aerospace, for Wind Tunnel Testing and Computational Fluid Dynamics, Bending Fatigue tested at IFP EB, UV corrosion test for 20+ years lifetime, Drinking water compliance with BS standards.

Additional testing on the HDPE & colorant control, DQP, Thickness control, Cooling Jig spec, dimension control, leak testing, etc has also been benchmarked in our design and innovation space.

Developed & largely deployed across over 30 countries, Hydrelio® technology is continuously optimized, thanks to our R&D efforts and are manufactured as per a strict quality process in any country.

Lab-tested and field-proven worldwide, Hydrelio® is recognized as the ‘standard’ in the floating PV industry and has successfully demonstrated its durability and bankability.


More info about Ciel & Terre India

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Photo: Thoothukudi, India | 14.8 MWp

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