KATO SHI: 2,878 kWp

Located in Hyogo prefecture, Japan, this 2,870 kWp floating solar plant installed on an irrigation reservoir with an area of 50,000 m² (5 ha).

The platform is equipped with Classic version of Hydrelio® technology and supports 11,256 floating solar panels of 60 cells (255W KYOCERA standard modules). The total structure covers 59% of the water surface.

For this project, Ciel & Terre supervised the project development and the engineering of the floating PV structure and the anchorage. Our scope included:

  • Management of project development
  • Supply of our Hydrelio® (made in France) and design of the floating platform
  • Design of the anchoring solution

Anchored at the bottom of the pond, the anchoring solution has been designed to meet a maximum 5.7 m depth and a same water level variation (5.7 m, as the pond can be affected by drought).


Kato Shi’s floating solar plant has been operational since March 2015 and generates green electricity to the local grid.

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