Located in the state of Bahia, Brazil, this 1,005 kWp floating solar plant is installed on a hydrodam with an area of 421,400 ha.

The platform is equipped with Classic version of Hydrelio® technology and supports 3,792 floating solar panels of 60 cells (265W Canadian Solar modules).

For this project, Ciel & Terre supervised the engineering of the floating PV system. Our scope included:

  • Supply of our Hydrelio® (made in Brazil) and design of the floating platform
  • Design of the anchoring solution

Anchored at the bottom of the pond, the anchoring solution has been designed to meet a maximum of 29.3 m depth and a 13 m water level variation.


Sobradinho Dam’s floating solar plant has been operational since August 2019 and generates green electricity to the utility.

Specificity here: The combination of hydro and solar energy holds great potential.

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