TENGEH: 300 kWp

Tengeh Reservoir: 3 x 100 kWp

Located in Singapore, this testbed project is composed of 3 separate plants, each having a capacity of 100 kWp. All the floating PV power plants are installed on the same water area, a water storage reservoir with an area of 1,235,587 m² (123 ha).

The 3 islands are equipped with Classic version of Hydrelio® technology and totalize 1,042 panels of 60 cells (260W REC and 310W TRINA standard modules). The full system covers 0.2% of the water surface.

For this project, Ciel & Terre supervised the engineering of the floating PV system. Our scope included:

  • Supply of our Hydrelio® (made in South Korea) and design of the floating platform
  • Design of the anchoring solution


Anchored at the bottom of the pond, the anchoring solution has been designed to meet a maximum 5.6 m depth while dealing with a 5-m water level variation.


This first testbed was initiated by the SERIS organism (the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore) to measure and compare different floating PV systems efficiency. Tengeh’s floating solar plants have been operational since October 2016 and generate green electricity to the local grid.

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