‘Solar, on water’ not a niche concept anymore – Interview with Chris Bartle of Ciel & Terre USA

Ciel & Terre USA has been established to years ago (2016) in California as floating solar appeared to meet many opportunities not only in California, but also all around the country. The main targets on this market are water utilities and irrigation districts. Indeed, there are plenty of irrigation (for agriculture, farming, etc.) or water-treatment (for industrial use) reservoirs into the territory.

Chris Bartle, our sales developer in the US, shows how solar and water can be combined to convert valuable and unused space reserved for personal or industrial and commercial use into profitable areas. Artificial water bodies are a precious source for green electricity generation and many countries worldwide are already convinced. The US counts already two floating systems and four new projects are currently under-construction – totalizing a 5.2 MWp capacity – and will be completed by the end of the Summer (September 2018).

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