A french pioneer in the photovoltaic market

Established in 2006 in France as a specialist in the integration of photovoltaic systems, Ciel & Terre opened the doors to a new market: ‘floating PV’. Driven by a global need to produce clean energy in a more efficient and land saving way, in 2010 we developed Hydrelio® technology, and have been fully devoted to floating PV ever since.

With extensive experience in floating solar plants, we have developed projects with private companies, industries and public institutions all over the world. Today our expertise naturally positions us as the industry leader and we benefit from the recognition of the quality and reliability we provide with our water-based PV concept, Hydrelio®. We strive to offer the highest quality floating solar products through Research & Development and external product development collaborations. All these factors allow us to propose only the best options to our customers.





Our projects are diverse and scalable, allowing us the ability to develop all types of floating solar plants with sizes ranging from 100 kWp to 100+ MWp and on various types of water bodies. We installed the world’s first mega floating power plant in Japan in 2013 on an irrigation reservoir, and quickly multiplied our portfolio of projects around the world.

At Ciel & Terre, we provide reliable, complete and cost-effective solutions. Quality, proximity and innovation are the keywords of our business, that’s why we accompany our clients during each step of the process ensuring the highest quality of service.


Co-founder & Chairman
Co-founder & CEO

FLOATING SOLAR PV PLANTS ARE NOT A UTOPIAN DREAM ANYMORE, but a major solution responding to the question of land use conflicts. Solar energy will be sustainable and become the main source of electricity, only if it does not hinder the needs of the agriculture, the protection of the natural spaces, and the urban needs. All types of artificial lakes and ponds on our planet represent enough usable surface to produce the essential needs in renewable energy.

Ciel & Terre is the pioneer of the Hydrelio® technology, and today, we are the uncontested leaders. Almost all the floating PV plants installed in the world use our solution: over 245 farms from 1 MWp to 100 MWp connected in Japan – leading country – South Korea, China, Malaysia, England, Brazil, the USA, Italy, Israel, etc. and projects in 30 countries.

We are proud to position ourselves within the market and always strive to continue moving forward. We have many subsidiaries and partners in the development and the manufacturing, with the objective of reaching 1,000 MW per year; we invest a significant part of our revenues into Research & Development enabling us the opportunity to continue improving our solution and help floating PV systems compete with ground-based solar. Our goal is to associate solar energy with hydroelectricity, to avoid setting up expensive storage systems; we also are developing a full range of services for our clients, from the engineering to the installation, with consulting services.


Energy is at the heart of all concerns of the growing population, and the current limited, exhaustible and high carbon footprint resources still represent a large part in the energy mix.

Absolutely convinced that the growth of renewable energy is a key to humanity’s future, Ciel & Terre draws a community of people who shares strong values founded on sustainable development.

Our sustainability goals guide not only our project choices, but also our product development processes and business practices. We want our contribution to be used in the rising of this environmental challenge. That’s why we are working hard to propose a smart and innovative way to produce solar power efficiently.

Confident in the future of floating solar with a tremendous potential, we offer a real alternative by developing reliable and quality products and solutions while preserving land space and transforming polluted areas into clean energy generating sites.


With floating PV, we contribute to renewables growth by addressing the issue of land scarcity through economically effective solutions, respectful of the natural and human environment.


Recognized pioneers in floating PV, we aim to remain the sector’s main player worldwide through our deepening expertise, our products’ quality, our industrial efficiency and the reliability of our services.


On the cutting-edge of innovation, we are audacious and creative, yet pragmatic and our values are honesty, simplicity, respect, cooperation to build a real community beyond cultural barriers.


As a collaborative company, we base our work on respect, trust and free speech, favoring the greatest possible autonomy, for individual capabilities and responsibilities.

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