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Floating solar,
ingenious and bold

Floating solar is qualified as the « 3rd pillar of solar industry », alongside with ground and rooftop PV.

Basically, water bodies are covered with PV modules thanks to a floating structure. Floating solar is the smart combination of floats and solar panels, the whole system being anchored at the bottom, to the banks or both.

Indeed, it aims to produce renewable energy where land is scarce, not to mention the complement energy generation by other energy facilities.

Floating solar plants can be used by companies, industries, public institutions or local authorities throughout the world. They meet on-site clean energy needs or inject electricity into the grid.

The benefits
of floatovoltaics

Floating solar is an answer to societal concerns and also creates opportunities
for renewable energy production.

Helps produce green energy

Solves land issues by preserving available land

Is compatible with various types and usages of ponds


Produce clean energy, on the world scale

« The FPV market grew to 2 GW of globally installed capacity in 2020. DNV foresees a total of 7 to 11 GW to be installed by 2025
with a major increase from 2023 onwards. » PV Magazine.

solar potential
4 TW

as per the energy expert,
and assurance provider, DNV (2022)


Preserve land

Floating solar tackles land use conflicts related to agricultural lands, industrial areas as well as land required for housing as the world population keeps on growing.


Bring adapted solutions to various types of ponds

Floating solar is compatible with ponds with ongoing economic activities. In a long run, it can also rehabilitate disused areas while generating profit.

Floating solar various applications

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