At Ciel & Terre, we are deeply engaged in the development of the fast-evolving and international floating solar market, which implies experience and a high-level of expertise, and we have the ambition to remain leaders and go further to realize its potential.

Working at Ciel & Terre means something for each of our co-workers. As an innovative and eco-friendly company, we share strong human qualities and values in connection with the energy transition. We give every employee the opportunity to express his/her potential by providing autonomy and encouraging initiative among dynamic multicultural teams.

  • You have a keen interest for the renewables and sustainable development
  • You are curious and have the desire to contribute proactively to the sector
  • You are open-minded and like social and cultural interactions
  • You are autonomous and flexible to an evolutive work environment

Ciel & Terre is continuously looking for talented individuals willing to join its dynamic working environment. If you want to share your skills and participate to our common project, do not hesitate to tell us more about you by addressing your application to the HR Manager.


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Out of the frequent job offers, we are always open to new profiles.



We all deeply and sincerely believe that the deployment of renewable energies is a key for the future of humanity. We want to efficiently contribute to the development of these new energies and help match the challenges that appear with innovative solutions, in creating an efficient and viable alternative from fossil fuels thanks to our technology. Floating solar systems aim at producing large amounts of clean, renewable energy, increasing solar power capacity and part in the energy mix.


We focus our product development efforts on technological innovations designed to continuously lower the cost of our systems and to make solar power as affordable as possible. Our sustainability goals guide not only our project choices, but also our product development processes and business practices. To advance and innovate into the future, we believe in audacity, creativity, mutual enrichment of cultures, state-of-the-art technologies in the fields of products, services, and organization.


We are proud to create jobs while contributing to the development if a greener energy. As a modern and cooperative company, we push our members to be strongly initiative, decision and responsibility-driven in their profession and their missions. We expect them to share our values that are friendship, mutual respect and assistance, versatility and commitment, in order to nurture a true team spirit.

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